A Gem in the Bruce! Bruce Caves and Indian Falls

I am a plaque follower I must confess! If I see a plaque that says something interesting this way then that is the way I have to go! ๐Ÿ˜Š

One of the best parts about tours is finding a spot that you did not know existed! As we were driving by Wiarton we noticed a sign for Bruce’s Caves. Oh that sounds cool! As it was we were on our way to the Grotto (which is in Part 1 of this series) but we would definitely have to fit this in. The first time we attempted to go the road was blocked by police order. Not sure what that was about but we would try again!

I am so glad we did! What an awesome place. The drive to get to the parking lot was a hang on tight kind of ride. Half way down to the parking lot a sign said No Buses past this point! Hahaha! They got this far???

I made a video for my Youtube Channel going back out! Next time I have to remember to close the windows. Unfortunately a small tree branch came and smacked my grandson in the passenger seat! Not enough to hurt but enough to make us giggle! Well me anyway Lol! Yup I am that kind of Grandma! Lol!

The road in is a little bumpy!

Check it out! It was a wild ride! My first video with my new gopro! So thats kind of cool too! https://youtu.be/sCD2EjtsMuY

The walk to the caves was beautiful! A lush green forest with an easy trail. It is not a far walk, kind of wish it was a little farther it was so nice. I could not believe how green and lush the forest was. It had rained the night before and the smell was so fresh it cleansed your soul with each breath! I love those kinds of forests!!

The fresh breath of a beautiful forest!

I just have to mention this cool tree! You know how I am about cool trees! Nature just astounds me as well as inspires me. A tree can grow from just a tiny crack in the rock or its roots will stretch out and around anything to find nourishment. No matter what the obstacle it will flourish if left to its own devices! Its how we should be! Strong, with capacity to maneuver through the rocks to find nourishment to grow and thrive!

Just amazing!!

Getting into the caves is another story! It is a rock climbing story! Lol! As you came to the entrance you do not get the immense size of these caves. You gaze up the hill you now have to climb and see a small indent but as you climb closer you can see the just how big these caves are!

The immensity is yet to come!

The cave entrance is 20m (65 feet for my American friends) tall spanning back just as far! As you enter water rains down through the rock. It will be appreciated on the way back! Lol! The stone pillar at the entrance is HUGE!! It reminded me of the flower pots on Flower Pot Island but you can understand the wave action there. They are right on the water. The only water around here was the water leaking from the rocks. Not enought to create something that size.

The Plaque…haha! The habit comes in handy! It said that caves were formed by the wave action of the post-glacier of Lake Algonquin 7000 – 8000 yrs ago! That is WILD eh!

So worth the climb!

One of the last things we did was go to Indian Falls in Owen Sound. It was beautiful when we got there!! It was an adventure getting in and out! Lol! I think the original trail was washed out by the rain so we had to “recalculate” our path!

The Path to the Falls!

We obviously could not have gone down that path, but should have! So back up the trail to take the right fork! This looked good until we got to this!!

OMG! You have got to be kidding!

Nope! Not kidding! It was slick with mud and very few hand holds this was going to be a challenge! But hey if my daughter can do it with a baby on her front and a backpack on her back then surely I can do it! Hahaha! Silly me! Oh I did it! I did not fall but there was more to come. After all what goes up must come down! On the way up a couple of ladies were coming down and as we braced ourselves on a tree root we litterly caught them as they were sliding down! Hahaha!

The route once we got to the top was a breeze! A nice walk in the forest with the river rushing below! The trail was kind of marked and we met a couple on their way back that had a found a giant puff ball mushroom! The kids were fascinated by it. Yes this trail leads to the falls! Great!

Indian Falls was beautiful! The magic of a water fall is so invigorating!

Indian Falls

The way back down was a laugh. We took a little different path. We had found stairs so I thought right on no sliding down a hill in the mud! Again! Silly girl. The path along the river was great until the river took the path! Uh Oh!

Pretty walk along the river

The only way was up the side of the embankment and over and down the other side where the river gave back the path! The up was not bad, when I say not bad I mean I did not fall down, the down well….not as easy! Lol!

This is not the fun part!

Luckily I had my Grandson give me a hand hold or 2! There was not much to hold on to and the hill was slick with mud! I would slide into the river which was fast moving but not deep. But no I do not want to be soaked and probably bruised!

I am going in!!!!
Haha! I made it!!!

Oh my goodness I thought for sure I was going down!!! This was it!! But I was saved by a tree! A few more feet and a couple root steps and I am there!! I can do this!!

No, no I can not!!

And with the next step I was on the slide!! Hahaha! Only a little ways and with only muddy pants as a participation prize as I like to call it!! So not bad! The path out was easy after that!

I recommend all of the places on our tour of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario! It was a fun place with lots to do and many beautiful places to see!

What an great Chipmunk Adventure!! Can not wait for the next one!!

See you next time!!


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