Here comes Winter! Uggg!

The wind starts to blow and the trees change color faster. The temperature starts to drop. The sky darkens and night comes quicker. Winter is approaching! YUCK!!Now do not go thinking I do not like winter because I live in a van! Oh nooo! I have always not liked winter! Even when I was aContinue reading “Here comes Winter! Uggg!”

What’s at the End of the Road???

Do you ever go past a road and look down it and wonder….where does that road go?? I do all the time! Turned around a few times too! Lol! Because sometimes you just have to! When you look down that road it just pulls at you to know where does it go???? Sometimes the roadContinue reading “What’s at the End of the Road???”

Personal and Social Stigma of Living in a Van!

For the love of the open road anytime of year!! What did friends and family say when you told them you were moving out on the road? For me it was a mixture of WTH are you thinking and Oh that is so you! 😊 We can all say we do what we want butContinue reading “Personal and Social Stigma of Living in a Van!”

Let’s Talk about Living in a Van!

Living a nomadic lifestyle is definitely different and took some getting used to. I have always been a “roamer’ as my daughter calls me but have always had a stable base to come back to. Living through all 4 seasons in what is basically an insulated tin can (insulated on 3 sides..LOL) has taken someContinue reading “Let’s Talk about Living in a Van!”